Cashew Kernel

Cashew Kernel

The process used to get the kernel is described as follows: The un-shelled nut is steamed to soften the shell and carefully cut open. The kernel is dried to loosen the skin which is then peeled off. Whole kernels are graded by size and color. Pieces are chopped into required sizes. After final QC including metal detection, they are packed in vacuum for freshness.

The following grades of CASHEW NUT KERNELS are normally available for Local consumption and Export.

Grades W320, W240, LWP, W450, Splits, K, SP, SWP, BB.

For Local supply Tin Packs of 10 kg or 11.34 kg each is available.

For Export, Flexi packs of 25 lbs (11.34 kg) or 10 kg or 10 kg Tins also available.

We can also Export Small Quantities of Cashew Nuts as a Trial Shipment to test the Quality of Cashew nut, starting with 1,000 kg by Air or by Courier Export or by Sea Freight for the importers/Buyers who really want to place Full Container Order later onwards. Serious Buyers who wish to purchase Cashew nuts may contact us with your required quantity, Destination place or Sea port, country, Your Company Details and others.


Cashew Kernels in bulk are packed in four gallon tins with a net weightof 11.34 Kg. (25 lb.) in each tin. The filled tins are then vacuumised and filled with cabon-di-oxide gas and sealed. Two such tins of the same grade are packed in a carton for export. The net weight of a cartonis thus 22.68 Kg. (50lbs). Some manufactures also pack in tins of 10Kgs. net to certain market to suit the requirements of buyers.At present new forms of packing have been introduced. Multi-layer plastic bags of a capacity of 22.68kg each or 2 x 11.34 kg each are also available as a choice.

  • 2 x10 kgs vaccumised tins in cartons
  • 2 x25 lbs (11.34 kgs) vaccumised tins in cartons
  • 1 x50 lbs (22.68 kgs) vacuum flexi pouches in cartons
  • 2 x25 lbs (11.34 kgs) vaccum flexi pouches in cartons

Cashew Kernel - White Wholes

Cashew Kernel - Scorched Wholes

Cashew Kernel - White Pices

Cashew Kernel - Scorched Pices